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Protection  assert extortion is a regularly expanding issue being looked by insurance agencies today. This ascent in false protection cases to get money related advantages, is bringing about abundance of expenses being acquired by the insurance agencies and hence prompting the protection division experiencing a misfortune. In spite of the fact that usually evident that a false protection guarantee has been exhibited, numerous are hard to evaluate, and additional proof is for the most part required before the insurance agency can reject a compensation out.


We at White Crime Detective Agency have contrived an uncommon examination intend to demonstrate that a false claim has been submitted. By attempted a prudent yet intensive examination of the claim, regularly including a blend of sleuthing, observation work and proof accumulation; the inquirers’ actual circumstance can be revealed. Should the application be deceitful or exploitative, at that point with adequate confirmation of the certainties gave by us, a false pay-out can be avoided.

White Crime Detective Agency Insurance assert examination can give answers for different speculated protection fakes, including however not constrained to:


  • Accidental protection claims
  • Personal unplanned damage guarantee
  • General individual damage claims
  • Health and restorative cases
  • Property misfortune claims


We comprehend this to be an extremely delicate issue. Appropriate confirmation, will help guarantee the right result of the cases are made and spare our customer from fiscal misfortunes. Our committed specialists will talk about the case with you, take every essential detail and directions, introduce and clarify any conceivable choices lastly do the examination before providing you with the proof to approve or discredit a claim.